Episode: 6

Some Take


Welcome to the Corner Tapes. I’m Brian Rougeau. I’ve been feeling a constant and nagging concern for the state of the world brought on by news and blogging feeds from the US, mostly. I suspect I’m not alone in this.

These American feeds have affected my outlook about our future on this planet.  Being a neighbour to the north, we can’t help but hear about their everyday trauma through the headlines and I must say it causes anxiety. Though not limited to the US, it appears to me that extreme capitalism is causing havoc worldwide. The quality of life for everyday people is diminishing largely due to the endless pursuit of wealth by those who already have plenty. I am referring to those with extreme wealth. I mean, who needs hundreds of millions or billions, really.

All this negative energy built up in me and was bound to come out sooner or later. What you hear today may be the beginning of that flow of negativity or it may be the end of it. I’m not sure what will come next. My hope is that I can move past the dark mood, though it might take time and effort. 

This poem is about greed and exploitation. I want to thank my partner Corinne for joining me today to recite this poem. It’s called “Some Take”.



Some Take

by: Brian Rougeau


Some accumulate wealth to no end. Unconcerned about needs, high on desire. 

Some never stop collecting. A sick mind.

Some contaminate the water. Dump while they sleep, poison while awake.

Some pollute the air. They call it progress.

Some poison the land. Spray it, they won’t taste it.

Some cut it all down, dig it all up. Where did the wildlife go?

Some deny climate change. It’s a cash cow.


Some make us pay for money. They call us suckers.

Some tell you to spend it all. They want it all back.

Some say you get what you deserve. Why have they not?

Some sleep on silk. Others concrete.

Some collect rent. Others sweat it. 

Some like black-headed gull eggs. Others just want to eat.

Some want it all. At your expense.

Some steal. They make the law.

Some say trickle down. Sorry, we meant to say trickle up.

Some say what’s mine is mine. Others say what’s mine is yours.

Some lie to us. By sight, by sound, by type. Every day.

Some say be afraid, they’re out to get you. They like it that way.

Some tell you what to believe. But nobody knows anything. Truth.


Some want to be king, I will treat you well. Sorry healthcare, what? Education, what? Retirement, what?

 Some want power. Others want peace.

Some want it all. Others need not much.

Some say trust me, I will not let you down. But I do like that cheque.

 Some delete your rights. Their pen deems you unworthy.

Some shout hope is what you need. We hear that a lot.

Some erase our autonomy. The ultimate violence.

Some hide from you. Fear rules their world.

Some say organize. But we’ll decide what that means. 

Some say protest. It won’t matter, you’ll never find us.

Some hate when you get ahead. They find ways to make you suffer.

Some think only of themselves. The rest be dammed. Why should I care?


Some consider themselves elite. Others know better.

Some believe in purity. No such thing. 

Some inflict pain. Too ignorant to reflect on their own trauma.

Some feel superior. Trauma.

Some never deal with it. They want to own you.

Some repeat mistakes. It’s a choice to forget.

Some take. Some take. Some take.

Some will never change. Truth.


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